Songs for Dead Blondes
Songs for Dead Blondes a 3-hour song cycle, a series of performances (by Detroit band MEPHI), and a collection of photos and texts, about nostalgia in popular music and cultural memory
Call Center
Call Center an installation inviting people to make phone calls to large corporations while doodling on a giant table-sized paper and broadcasting the muzak of their call
Alkalai School
Alkalai School an intensive, immersive, experimental music retreat, in a small cabin in the Black Hills, with saxophonist/composer Andrea Steves
Like Spitting Everywhere
Like Spitting Everywhere a video study of the human mouth, featuring beatboxer artist J.Robidoux going through his usual shower's worth of improvisatory, stream-of-consciousness vocal percussion
Mesmera a set of instructions for site-specific percussive events using a shared improvisational language of hand signals (and a series of lost audio recordings)