How It Hurts
How It Hurts a study guide for pain examinations, quoting heavily from actual questionnaires and other tools used in clinical settings to measure pain, published by Publication Studio
Collections A collection of collections. Interesting, unusual, unique, obscure; requiring creative categorization or idiosyncratic taxonomy; highlighting processes and politics of collecting.
FICTILIS art, design, and curatorial studio co-founded with Andrea Steves, with ongoing interests in language, institutions, materialisms and waste flows, monuments and public memory, and political ecology
Everyone Does
Everyone Does a text piece listing behavioral traits found in every human culture, loosely based on the work of anthropologist Donald Brown
Songs for Dead Blondes
Songs for Dead Blondes a 3-hour song cycle, a series of performances (by Detroit band MEPHI), and a collection of photos and texts, about nostalgia in popular music and cultural memory
Prefab Domains
Prefab Domains a domain name redistribution service based on lexicographic research on English "prefabrications", or cliche phrases that make good domain names for interesting projects
Colors of Commerce
Colors of Commerce a research project and exhibition about the colors of shipping containers in port cities; the most information on this niche subject ever assembled in one place
Artwalking 101
Artwalking 101 a series of pamphlets and a short clinic on “Artwalking”: a form of human locomotion that incorporates movements not usually associated with the normal human gait...