STEERTS YTIC text installed in a storefront window, advertising what's on the outside of the window, in the public life of city streets (installed for Seattle Storefronts)
FICTILIS art, design, and curatorial studio co-founded with Andrea Steves, with ongoing interests in language, institutions, materialisms and waste flows, monuments and public memory, and political ecology
Mongo Deco
Mongo Deco an ongoing interior design practice in which everything used to renovate or decorate a space is recycled in some way: reclaimed, salvaged, repurposed, secondhand, etc.
Great Lakes Shirts
Great Lakes Shirts a T-shirt with the outline of the Great Lakes on it. No logos or slogans, cities, states, or other political boundaries, & no promo for your friend's indie band - just the lakes.
Sappycards an ongoing series of all-occasion, non-traditonal, brutally honest, highly recycled, limited edition greetings cards, full catalog at
Jesus of the Sink
Jesus of the Sink a game for kitchen sinks in shared living situations, where dish-users can "confess" their dirty dishes or become "Jesus" by washing away the "sins" of others