map to my buried treasure
#participatory #print #public #text / year 2005 / media: charcoal on paper, packaging, treasure, ebay auction
map to my buried treasure

Map to my buried treasure was an ebay auction created for ebayaday, an exhibition using ebay as a venue for art. I offered up an auction titled “map to my buried treasure – NO RESERVE!” with the following item description:

Up for auction is the only existing map to my buried treasure.

Actually, you’ll get a map to a map to a map to my buried treasure. One map leading you to a second map leading you to a third and final map which leads ultimately to the location of my buried treasure. That’s three maps for the price of one. Plus the treasure.

I cannot disclose the nature of the treasure nor estimate its value. But the maps are each original handmade drawings, limited editions of one, signed by the author. They may not be ‘buried’ in the literal sense, but they will be hidden in secret locations known only to me. The first of the three will be mailed via USPS to the address you provide.

As for the treasure, I buried it myself, on a deserted island-like place in a remote corner of the world.

NOTE: All items included in this auction are located within walking distance of that remote corner of the world called downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

If no one wins this auction, no action will be taken. I will take the knowledge of the treasure’s location to my grave. My friends and enemies will continue to press me to reveal some clues – to no avail. The item will not be reposted, and the items will remain where they are until some lucky soul chances upon them years from now – or never.

If for some reason a fissure opens in the Earth or the forces of industry decide to change the landscape in a way that prevents you from following the course laid out by my maps, I will happily consider refunding part or all of your payment. The winning bidder is invited to email me with reports of any disasters that may hinder your progress.

The winning bidder is instructed to pay within 3 days of the close of this auction with Paypal. Furthermore, you will promise to make no mention of this auction whatsoever to anyone inquiring about the origin of the treasure you will soon possess.

Please leave positive feedback after you have found the treasure. Anyone who chooses not to follow these rules will forfeit their right to refund in case of fissures, etc. [see above] and will recieve negative feedback.

I reserve the right not to sell the map to my buried treasure to anyone with eBay scores of less than 10 or excessive negative feedback.

The winning bidder will embark on an adventure of considerable proportions, traversing unkown lands and encountering many strange and wonderful things along the way to my buried treasure. Your endurance will be tested. Serious bidders only please.

Please email me with any questions.

The item sold for $10.


map to my buried treasure
year 2005
media: charcoal on paper, packaging, treasure, ebay auction

#participatory #print #public #text