You’re Going to Die
You’re Going to Die a short film adaptation of my children's story with voiceover by Vito Acconci, created by artist Dennis Palazzolo from original and borrowed source footage
Views of Maharashtra
Views of Maharashtra a series of 12 short videos about the relationship between subject/camera and local/tourist, made while doing documentary work in rural Maharashtra, India, 1998-2001
My Dinner With ‘My Dinner With Andre’
My Dinner With ‘My Dinner With Andre’ a full meal served alongside the longest dinner scene in film history, with menu and decor taken from the film, and timed precisely to coincide with events onscreen
Thumb Wars
Thumb Wars a live refereed thumb-wrestling event, simulcasted and projected large for spectators, featuring regular, jello, and mud thumb-wrestling, organized by FICTILIS
So little to tell
So little to tell a short video, or installation for darkened space, featuring audio artist J.Robidoux, and actor Graham Atkin, shot in one take and edited with only in-camera effects
Like Spitting Everywhere
Like Spitting Everywhere a video study of the human mouth, featuring beatboxer artist J.Robidoux going through his usual shower's worth of improvisatory, stream-of-consciousness vocal percussion
Edge of Sleep
Edge of Sleep A short video made for the Ann Arbor Film Festival's cinemasports event, with live accompaniment from Edgefest 2008 musicians. Made entirely in bed.
When I Stopped Watching
When I Stopped Watching a short video study of analog television static, featuring footage captured from a TV set in Detroit, 1997