When Andrea Steves and I found out the Ann Arbor Film Festival as hosting a Cinemasports competition for Kerrytown Concert House’s Edgefest 2008, it was at the end of a long week of non-stop work on Mongo Deco, and we had already resolved to spend our entire Saturday relaxing in bed. But we liked the concept of the competition, and some of our friends were involved, so we decided to surprise them by submitting a video produced entirely from bed (and nearby, in the bedroom).

This version of cinemasports challenged participants to use their own equipment to create an original 3-minute silent video incorporating three thematic “ingredients” in 10 hours or less. The films would then be scored by improvising Edgefest musicians. The “ingredients” we received at the beginning of the day were: 1. repetition; 2. something shiny; and 3. going over the edge. We took an old VHS camera, a DV camera, a television, and a tripod and came up with this video, which ended up winning runner-up in the competition.