Shadow Art Fair
#collaboration #curatorial #participatory #public / year 2006-2013 / collaborators Michigan Design Militia
Shadow Art Fair

The Shadow Art Fair was a biannual event that took place at the Corner Brewery (and various other satellite locations) in Ypsilanti, MI. Originally begun as a compliment to the Ann Arbor art fairs featuring all local artists, it became somewhat of an institution in its own right. Its location at a brewery and its one-day 12-hour format gave it a feel that was different from many fairs.

In addition to being a place where objects are bought and sold, the Fair strove to be a place where artists can meet each other and share resources, present work that isn’t necessarily intended for sale, advance their own projects using our venue, or propose site-specific installations or performances.  From the website:

We strongly encourage applications that propose imaginative or non-traditional use of our event. In past fairs, we’ve had a shadow puppet show, a monster full of surprises, photographs with a creepy Santa, a foot foto booth, and a giant pooping cat, an animation station, and video portraiture.  Anything that can fit into the space that a table would take up or be integrated unobtrusively into the architecture of the Brewery. Think of the most outlandish idea you’ve had for an installation or performance that doesn’t quite fit anywhere. The Shadow Art Fair is the place to give it a try! The Shadow will always be a place to find interesting gifts and meet local artists. Help us make it more than that!

The Shadow was organized by the Michigan Design Militia, which includes myself, Melissa Detloff, Mark Maynard, Jennifer Albaum, Molly Mast, and Chris Sandon.  More information is available at


Shadow Art Fair
year 2006-2013
collaborators Michigan Design Militia

#collaboration #curatorial #participatory #public